Member Spotlight: Tim the Girl

TRA welcomes new member Tim the Girl – a multi-disciplinary company changing the face of the culinary scene in San Antonio. Founded in 2011 by owner Tim McDiarmid, she and her team source the best produce, meats and artisanal foods that San Antonio has to offer, translating them into dishes that are not only delicious, but aesthetically stunning.

Specializing in catering and event planning, Tim the Girl was voted Best Caterer by San Antonio Magazine’s Best of City 2017. They pride themselves on offering unique, personalized menus using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Meet the woman behind the business, Tim McDiarmid.

Who or what got you excited about joining the culinary industry?
I grew up on a farm – fresh, local food was always a part of my life. When I moved to New York City in the early 90s the “farm to table” trend was exploding, so I felt

really at home working in creative, visionary restaurants. I knew I wanted to use those influences in my own business.

How does the culinary scene in San Antonio compare to New York, and other places you have experienced in the industry?
New York City is an internationally recognized food mecca, of course, and I am so grateful for all I learned and experienced there. But San Antonio is definitely coming into its own as a food destination, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

What do you feel makes Tim the Girl unique compared to other businesses in the food service industry?
I think it’s our staff – it’s not just a job for us. My staff are very knowledgeable and support the overall vision of simple food done well.

What is your favorite restaurant or cuisine to enjoy when you’ve stepped out of your own kitchen?
I lead a culinary trip to Cinque Terre, Italy every year – fresh seafood and the vibrant flavors of Southern Italian cooking are a must. At home, I still love the same kind of classic food I serve at Tim the Girl – Supper at the Hotel Emma and Clementine are both great new additions, and Cascabel in King William has been a favorite for years.

How do you keep up with current food trends?
I’m terrible with trends! I never get tired of fresh, hearty, real food, served without a lot of fuss.

What cultures or key thoughts does your team value that allow your business to run successfully?
We really try to be a part of our community and support a variety of causes. We’re also open to working with a wide range of budgets. A lot of clients think they can’t afford to have a small event catered, but we love to get creative and help make those more intimate gatherings special!

Originally published in “Restaurantville”, by Texas Restaurant Association, May 22, 2018