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Tim has valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in business strategy, leadership, and entrepreneurship through her training in The Entrepreneur Operating System and involvement with the Entrepreneur Organization.

Connecting with Tim can bring valuable insights and expertise to your business. Her passion for people and building healthy teams makes her an ideal partner for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to scale and overcome challenges. With her extensive experience in founding and scaling four of her own companies, Tim has a unique perspective on the importance of accountability, buy-in, structure, and organizational culture.


About Tim McDiarmid: Tim’s passion is people. She founded and scaled four of her own companies and, in doing so, realized that her true calling is building healthy teams with accountability and buy-in. Tim implemented The Entrepreneur Operating System in her company 5 years ago and did extensive training within this platform. One could say she learned from the inside out in real-time. Upon her journey, she realized how many organizations lack proper structure and culture. Not just small companies, but large-scale organizations that lacked a backbone essential to healthy growth

She joined the Entrepreneur Organization, a global network of over 16,000 diverse leaders all intent on healthy organizational expansion, 7 years ago. This group of world-thought leaders fuels dynamic change and growth through collaboration and fellowship. Tim has attended many conferences and learning events focused on issues about company culture, building strong teams, and drawing the purpose and passion out of organizations so that they build on foundations that matter, together.


About The Bravery Strategy: They are a consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs and businesses overcome challenges and succeed. The company specializes in identifying the root causes of business problems and developing tailored strategies to align purpose, people, and profit. They offer a range of programs and services that help clients stay focused and achieve their goals.

The Bravery Strategy’s team has a wealth of experience in business strategy, leadership, and entrepreneurship, and they bring a unique perspective to every project they work on. They change how businesses approach success by helping clients stay sane while making the world better.