Being Healthy in the New Year and Always

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that our health was far more fragile than we ever thought possible. As 2021 begins, we can make choices that will help protect our well-being without having to commit to mostly unattainable goals. Instead of making resolutions, make a few healthy habits part of your daily routine. 

It Starts With Food

Your health is heavily influenced by what you eat. Make every bite count. This doesn’t mean that dining has to be a bland or boring experience. On the contrary, an intimate evening catered by Tim The Girl is a great way to show yourself how delicious healthy, fresh ingredients can be. You can use this experience to start your own at-home meal menus so that you can eat well every day.

If you are not quite yet ready to commit to meal planning, make a few healthy choices, particularly if you have a sweet tooth or overly indulge in carbohydrates. You might, for example, replace your daily Snickers with a snack of fruit, nuts, and dark chocolate. Although still an indulgence, dark chocolate is much lower in sugar and, according to Harvard School of Public Health, contains compounds that improve blood flow and reduce systemic inflammation.

Changes At Home

When you are trying to change your eating habits, it pays to prioritize your food preparation areas. One smart choice is to invest in a grill and create an outdoor kitchen area. Grilled foods have less fat and are lower in calories than their baked, seared, or roasted counterparts. Enjoy fresh vegetables with your evening meal by planning and planting a garden that includes things like tomatoes, herbs, and peppers.

You can improve your mental health by implementing other changes at home. One of these is to minimize dirt and clutter by doing a deep cleaning. You can also pull negativity from the air by practicing the ancient Native American art of smudging. Redfin asserts that this, along with simply opening a window to let fresh air in, can liven up your space and squash bad attitudes from overly-critical family members.

Supplemental Beauty

While your physical appearance doesn’t define your health, how you look does influence how you feel. Adding a collagen supplement to your daily vitamin intake is a relatively quick — approximately 12 weeks — way to see a change in your skin, hair, and nails. And since collagen is also crucial for joint health, you may find that you are no longer sore and stiff when waking each morning.

Collagen works from the inside, but there are also products you can use that will provide a quick boost to how you look. Hyaluronic acid serums are one example. Hyaluronic acid is known to reduce wrinkles and hydrate the skin. This can result in plumper-looking cheeks and fewer fine lines that might give away your age.


Finally, make exercise a priority. According to Muscle and Fitness, you can enjoy fat loss and better strength with a beginner fitness routine, which you can do as few as three times per week. After a month of working out, you may find that it is no longer a chore but simply parts of your daily activity.

Even if you don’t want to hit the gym, stretch every day, ideally at the start of each morning. Stretching improves flexibility and may help ease aches and pains. By stretching your muscles regularly, you’ll also feel more relaxed and may be able to better focus on work, home, and kids.

Healthy habits are not hard to find, nor are they difficult to maintain. Those mentioned above won’t drastically change your day-to-day activities but will have a long-lasting effect on your overall health. And since they are sustainable, you can keep them up and watch their benefits compound over time.

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